Not sure what look I'm trying to achieve here...... Mid life crisis Tangerine twist hair dye and fake tan along with Smurf hands to compliment denim shirt!
I dont know how I get so messy. I dont paint with my hands.....yet! I think its just me being impatient....moving stuff around before its dried. I'm new to oils and i guess i will learn eventually that being patient pays off as I just end up with finger prints on the edges of my work and then trying to colour match it up.

Sometimes the Blues just take over!

Looking at my paints, I have more shades of blue than any other colour.
So I love painting the Sea and like Bob Ross says you have to make the sounds of the waves crashing when you paint them which makes it more fun. I can do wave crashing sounds but I'm not much good at car sounds. My husband is good at those......and gun blasts!

So, this is the one on the right and it's almost done. I am just letting it dry before adding some fine spray. I always find it really hard to decide when it is finished and get really scared when I'm happy with what I've done as I think I may destroy it in the next second.

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