Welcome to LillyBo Art
Original Paintings in Oils and Acrylics 

Please visit my Gallery page.


Here you will find an abundance of original paintings, mainly acrylic and oils, although I love working in any media and I am constantly experimenting.
I hope you enjoy having a look around. You can click on individual pictures for a full view and more information. 
If you see an original painting you like that has already been sold, I can create something similar for you.

If you have your own idea or would like to have your favourite place or memory hanging on your wall, please do get in touch at karen@lillybo-art.co.uk so we can have a chat.
I will be adding lots of new paintings so please come back and visit again soon.............
I am literally bursting with Ideas and working on tons of new stuff which I cant wait to share with you.

#23 Sapphire Sky Oil on Canvas Board 24 x 18 Inches.JPG